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Songwriting & Composing Magazines

Examples of our Songwriting and Composing Magazines published by the Guild since 1986 and only
available to members 

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Past issues of the Guilds Songwriting and Composing Magazines published by the Guild since 1986 (only available to Guild members) have contained informative articles on writing instrumental music for the radio, television, film, audio-visual, advertising, multimedia and the games industry,  along with member profiles and other various articles as shown below.

How to negotiate publishing agreements along with clauses and the terms and conditions that should be contained in publishing agreements to make them reasonable and fair. How to write for film and television

Licensing your recordings, contact information for artistes, record companies and music publishers along with information on leads to music publishers and record companies seeking songs for music publishing and artiste record deals, collaboration register for composers seeking lyricists to co-write with. Royalty collection societies around the world such as MCPS, PRS (PRSforMusic) in the UK etc, 

Songwriting contests including the USA songwriting competition information and entry form, The Tipperary Song Contest, The Benelux Song Contest, The Unisong Song Contest, The American International Song Contest, The International Acoustic Music Awards (IAMA), John Lennon Song Contest, Billboard.

Songwriters collaboration agreement for members use to protect their share interest in co-written works, terms and clauses in music publishing contracts.

Members artistes profiles such as, Jeremy Spencer, Fleetwood Mac, Charlie Landsborough, DJ Gammer, AudioJunkie & Stylus, Kevin Kendle, Rik Waller, Shanelle, Bram Stoker, Zoe McCulloch, Pete Arnold, Toots Earl & Clown, The Glen Kirton Country Band, Bram Stoker, P.J.Proby, Scamp Music Publishing, Digimix Records, etc, 

Guild members biogs profiles and releases, articles on licensing your songs and recordings, setting up your own publishing facility, how to write for the film tv, audio-visual ,games, advertising industries, to contacts for production music libraries,etc, etc, etc, along with much other useful information and informative articles.

SONGWRITING - Songsearch is part of the Guilds Songwriting and Composing magazine and throughout each year outlines the requirements of music publishers, record companies, management companies, artistes, producers, etc seeking new songs, artistes and recordings. The Songwriting and Composing magazine is free to all members.

How to join or renew your membership

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