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Songwriting Consultancy & Advice

SONGWRITING - There are many aspects of the music industry on which songwriters, composers, lyricists and performing songwriters require knowledge, information, advice and consultancy.

Understanding songwriting, music publishing, recording, management, producer contracts, the right to receive money as royalty payments and advance money in respect to the exploitation of copyrights, signing contracts/agreements, negotiating music publishing, recording, management, production agreements, foreign and sub-publishing deals.

How to contact music publishers, record companies, management companies, artistes and music industry personnel-music on the Internet-synchronisation and the licensing of copyrights for television, film and advertising, distribution, major companies versus independent companies

The role of the music publisher, licensing deals, song plugging, song promotions, copyright protection, sampling and the right to use samples,artistes rights, songwriters rights, performers  rights, MP3, WAV, Internet, online promotions, distributions, mechanical royalties, public performance royalties, who pays the money, your royalties and your right to the money, protecting your name, preserving your identity.

Collection rights societies/organisations, knowing about the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), the Performing Right Society (PRS)(PRSforMusic), Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), Video Performance Ltd (VPL), ASCAP, BMI, Harry Fox, TONO, GEMA BUMA-STEMRA, etc, etc, the digital revolution, Digital Service Providers (DSP's), Digital aggregators, distributors (digital and physical distribution), song contests, facebook, myspace, and, in fact, understanding the many various aspects of the music business in general-whatever your requirements and needs in respect to information and advice then the Advice, Consultancy, Information and Contact Service is available to Guild members. This service is free to all members.

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